Every morning, I wake up and do a 30-minute meditation complete with all aspects of my life, prayer, manifestation, gratitude, acceptance and stillness. With a free spirit, I go through most of my moments with a deep inner peace I had spent my whole life searching for. I know who I am and what my life is about, I’m healthier than I’ve been in years, I feel loved by and connected to my close family and loved ones, and I work in a career that I am passionate about that gives me purpose. I enjoy relaxing and exciting times on weekends, playing and laughing and trying not to take things too seriously. I’m blessed to realize I’m so lucky and that helps me see the light even in the darkest of times in this crazy, often disappointing world.

Or I could have left all of that out and said instead, how I am still far from my goal weight and been fighting my craving for a pizza all day. Or how much I miss my dad and sister every single moment of every day that passes. Or how I wish my extended family and friends lived in the same city as me. Or how I wish my husband and I had a flawlessly perfect relationship since the moment we met, with no conflict whatsoever. Or maybe that I have no idea how I can ever possibly live in my own beachside condo and make a full-time income from blogging, and that I am currently unemployed and praying they choose me from thousands of applicants for my dream job…which I just found out is no longer accepting applications.


But today, I choose to just let it be- the good with the bad- because that is what it means to be alive and human. Life is dark and light, beautiful and ugly, and and we are all so beautifully broken and whole, all at the same time.

There is nothing to wait for to be happy, except changing the way you think. After all, everything you’ve ever needed is already inside you. People only show what they choose to, and it all depends on perspective.

Through which eyes do you choose to see your life?

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