A Different Approach: Baby Steps

Something has got to change. Life is good but it could be better and I am not content with some of the things that I have made my life into being. So I have made this decision of change I will create before end of the year if I have God and any self-control. I will go to pray at least a couple times a week, including once in the morning, if I can. I know this will drastically change my life for the better, and I will not find true contentment without this or in any other way. I will work out at least 30 minutes on every day I am off work, which is about 4 times per week. The other healthy habits will hopefully still remain and continue to improve, but my emphasis will be on the physical activity that I literally have almost nonE of anymore. 

I will balance my emotions and responsibilities. It’s okay that I feel the emotions, now that I have realized just how emotional of a person I am, and it doesn’t mean that from now on every day will be great and I will have no bad days. No, it means only that I will have better control over my emotions and the bad days will become significantly less frequent than the good days. I will not allow my emotions to have such a negative impact on my relationships and I will control them when I am frustrated with the people I love, because I remember how much they love me back. I will not waste so many hours and days dwelling inside of the emotions rather than stepping out and letting them pass through my guest house- instead, I will feel them and then let them pass; if they cannot fully pass, I will take the advice of my angel Elizabeth Hartman and let them rest in small smart part of me, as I continue to fulfill the responsibilities I have to myself and my life and the people around me which will be especially important as I transition into the role of wife and, one day, mother. 

Most importantly, I will live in this moment only. I will not dwell on the heartache of days past, nor will I waste precious moments worrying about those that have not yet come to be. Despite whatever life brings, I will change what I can, let go of what I can’t, and try my best to find the humor and remember to laugh and enjoy the journey. I will be myself and remember all the positive I have been blessed with as I am God’s free spirit and my life is in His hands. As difficult and trying these goals may be for me to fulfill by the end of the year, I am determined to give it my 100% and make it happen. Now, the greatest challenge I have had since I first came into this world…actually implementing my plan. 

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