Colors Of My Heart

Emotions have taken over me. Writing, the personal expression of creativity, flows. Music that is associated with nearly every important event in my life. Memories stronger than ever now that fall has arrived and made me feel winter. Dreams more vivid than ever, that I actually remember and carry with me throughout the day. But most of all, as always, people. Thoughts of my dad that become more frequent as I get closer to my wedding. My mom more alone than before without contact with the one family member she met with regularly. My sister, sweet and intelligent and unique, continuing her downward spiral with seemingly no way out. The now limited time with my best friends who have been my rock for the past decade as I discovered and grew into my true self, who will now require excessive planning and expensive flights to ever see in person again. The final coming-to-terms with the end of my childhood as well as all the people I have come across in the past decade here in Atlanta, Georgia, who have played a role in my life no matter how big or small. Family, friends, and the select few who have created a permanent home inside of my heart that will come with me wherever I may go. Burning angst that is soothed only by cooling peace, as they join the many colors of my heart.

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