#FinalFling: Bahamas

I am not exaggerating when I say that the past weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time. 7 of my closest friends and I left everything behind to go on a bachelorette cruise to the sunny beaches of Nassau, Bahamas for hours of bonding, laughter, and countless new adventures- especially for me, being that it was my first cruise ever! The fun started Wednesday on the uber ride on the way to the Megabus and didn’t stop until we said our goodbyes back home in Atlanta on Sunday night. The first night on the cruise was admittedly a little rough: I broke my personal record of consecutive vomiting with approximately 20 episodes in one night. This could be attributed to it being my first experience on the cruise, but to be fair, the ship staff said the tides were unusually high after the storm and the rocking boat made many others on the ship excessively seasick as well (I even semi-bonded with another girl my age throwing up in the stall next to me before dinner). In the end, we joked about how I was the first bachelorette to ever throw up without drinking any alcohol, and the adventures of my friends at a bachelorette dinner without a bachelorette.

As soon as we landed in Nassau on Saturday, I immediately felt much better. We shopped and explored and wasted time on the beach, and before we knew it it was time to get back on the ship! The remainder of our trip was spent doing cruise events and activities such as the “Very-hairy chest contest”, the “Love and marriage show”, a Vegas-style musical entitled, “Living in America”, and a spa raffle health event thing that we did not win. We also threw away our hard earned money at the casino, got in trouble for being too loud and laughing too much (6 times total on the trip), stayed up all night discussing our souls and existence, got in more trouble for attempting to take pictures of our professional group pictures, danced in the streets and the bars without caring what anyone else said, got injured by an unknown entity as soon as my nausea got relieved, ate 24/7 unlimited pizza and ice cream until we wanted to all puke again, and won a short argument on resolving an incorrectly charged $50 bill for my supposed use of internet while on the boat. All in all, it was a trip of a lifetime and a memory that we will all hold dear to our hearts for years to come, but no amount of words can do this trip full justice- so, here are a few of my favorite pictures from my (first and) last sail before the veil.







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