Productivity Tips

If you're anything like me, you have big dreams that come along with a busy schedule and a lot to manage. Between balancing school and/or careers with family and friends, and all the extra activities you want to partake in and goals you want to accomplish along the way, it can be overwhelming and hard … Continue reading Productivity Tips



All-inclusive list of personal records of education, work, activities, skills and more! Work The Woman's Hospital of Texas NICU III RN August 2017- Present Dekalb Medical Center Medical-Surgical Oncology RN Preceptor (November 2016- January 2017) July 2015-March 2017 Lyft Driver March 2015-April 2016 Nanny June 2014-July 2014 Schwartz Center for Performing Arts August 2013-January 2014 … Continue reading Resume