Sorting Out Stress

List out everything on your mind- what you’re sad or upset about, what you’re worried or scared about, what you’re unhappy with in yourself, inside and out, what you’re feeling bad about in life, what’s going on with others or in the world that’s affecting you personally, anything and everything in your heart and on your mind about your perception of your life. Do it everyday. Write down all that you want or don’t want in life. Then, know that there are always only 2 options- change it, or accept it. 

If it’s something you can change, then that’s wonderful. Make a plan and set a date and a goal and start doing whatever you can each day to reach it, and remind yourself to reward yourself and not be too hard on yourself if it takes time because all great things worth having do. If it’s something you can’t control, then accept it- but it doesn’t end there. Embrace it, find the positive that you can learn from it and know that it was just a way to grow into a better person to use in the future. 

I know it’s so much easier said than done, but that’s why it takes time and practice. Happiness is a habit. It’s an active decision every minute of every day. It’s also a lifestyle in this moment, not a destination. I’m not saying sort out your life so then you can be happy. No, that’s just silly. I’m saying sort out your thoughts, and find contentment inside, so that you have the strength to face whatever comes your way. Life is crazy for everyone all the time but all we can control is our mind and emotions and actions of love. If you try your best at it all, then with faith, that should be enough.

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