Guest House

For the longest time, I always wondered how people who claimed to be “free spirits” lived their life, supposedly free from all care. I thought to myself, “I am a caring person by nature and I care about a lot of people and things, so how can I ever be a free spirit?” It wasn’t until I had my own…awakening, of sorts, when I began to identify as a free-spirit myself, that I truly understood exactly what that meant.

This being human is a guest house, meaning that our physical bodies serve as a temporary holder of all that passes through us. Each thought, each emotion, good or bad, should not be denied; rather, they should be welcomed, accepted, and felt fully as they are meant to. But then, they should move forward, as our bodies are not meant to serve as a permanent place of dwelling- only short-term, as a guest who is not to overstay its welcome.

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