Life Update: February 2016


I feel like I haven’t done one of these in a while- just an update about everything that’s been going on and yet nothing at all in particular. As you may already be aware, I have completed my orientation at work and am growing and learning each and every day as a new nurse, pushing myself to my limit and doing the best I can for my patients whom I have grown to love more than I could ever imagine (Perhaps this would be an opportune moment to mention that I will be starting to study for my ACLS certification so I can become a NICU nurse in the future). I am also trying to balance this with fulfilling my responsibilities as an admin and marketing member of the health board. In fact, we have our annual conference coming up in just a few weeks and I am looking forward to keeping you updated on the topics for this year. This is the first time in my life I can remember not having to spend every waking moment studying, and I am surprised at the joy I find in simple tasks such as everyday errands, managing my finances and helping out around my home. Of course it keeps me busy at times, especially with a full time job, but I have not forgotten about the whole world of opportunities that I now have the time and financial resources for now that I have completed nursing school!

Each day, I have been making an effort to take care of my soul by praying and meditating in the mornings before I get involved in the chaos of daily life and making a conscious effort to start attending Jamatkhana (Ismaili place of prayer) more often- I have to admit, there is a great deal of room for improvement in this category! I have also had more time to take care of myself on the outside; that is, working out with yoga, strength training, and the ever-dreadful cardio that I hope to fit in by attending more classes at the dance fitness studio I became so fond of last year. I also hope to learn how to cook now that I finally have the time, and maybe even refresh my memory of my favorite melodies on the piano that is starting to literally gather dust. Most of all, I have been actively paying attention to balancing work with fun and relaxation with friends and family. I realized recently that I have been going out of town nearly every single month, spending more time with family and friends than I have in a very long time, and taking time to myself each evening with my favorite tv show or book as I indulge in relaxing evening routine before bed. It is important to work hard to achieve your goals, but it just may be even more important to stop and smell the roses after achieving said goals before working towards new ones, and that is exactly what I am doing right now. As we all know, this doesn’t last long– I am positive life will throw countless challenges my way soon– but I intend on enjoying this time in my life to the fullest, appreciating all that I have been blessed with and having absolutely no regrets!

P.S. I am humbled to have reached over 100K views on my blog posts thanks to those who are subscribed and continually show their support even when I go long periods without posting. I couldn’t be more excited about this, so thank you all so much! 

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