Spirit Sunday

Every  now and then I like to take a day of rest, alone and free from the never-ending tasks of daily life, and take some time to focus on Spirit. This not only allows me to actually stop and appreciate all that I have worked so hard to attain, but it also provides an opportunity for me to reflect on where I’ve been, assess where I’m at right now, and determine the direction in which I would like to move forward. If you’ve been keeping up with my recent posts, it’s clear that my life has taken a complete 180 from where I was last year, to where I was at the beginning of this year, to where I am once again at today. I also came across a list of goals I had created last year, and noticed that nearly each of those thoughts has manifest itself into my reality without my conscious effort or even noticing it. After my time of serenity today, I felt inspired to share a little bit about how I’ve reached certain goals throughout my life, and also to address the questions I am most frequently asked about my inner peace and happiness- not necessarily the part that involves knowing who I am and what my life is about at an outward level, but rather, that of the greater power that resides within us and around us that is truly in control.

The first step is to acknowledge that a greater force other than ourselves does exist and to become aware that this is what works together in some way with our inner selves to create our realities. This can be referred to as many things- God, spirit, the universe- but it is ultimately all the same force. The second step is to trust it. You are part of the universe as the universe is part of you, and this is true regardless of your thoughts, feelings, or actions. Everything you need is within you, and the only difference between those who recognize this and those who do not is simply the factor of awareness. I’ve mentioned in an earlier post titled The Secret, specifics as to how the law of attraction works, but for the purposes of this post I will briefly go over the basics. The way this works is fairly simple: Decide what you want and ask for it, visualize it each day and feel good in the belief that you have already attained it whilst making room for it in your life, and receive it by maintaining a positive attitude and feeling grateful for what you already have. Another tip I would suggest is to be specific (and realistic) about a time frame in which to achieve your goals, if only just to keep yourself motivated.

Today I discovered a new theory in relation to all of this that seems to work somewhat in the opposite way from the law of attraction I mentioned above; at the same time, certain parts that seem to contraindicate the theory are the very parts that synchronize in perfect harmony to this very law. This new theory delves deeper into the self and focuses on the idea of simplification. As you further explore your self through the regular practice of meditation, you eventually peel away all the layers of what you don’t want and arrive at the core, where you are able to find what calls you rather than what your ego seeks. An example of this difference is instead of using the law of attraction to gain monetary and material progress, one would go about it seeking a feeling, an emotion, the experience of feeling abundant. This emerging concept can open up a whole new world of exciting possibilities if you let it, and allow you to truly experience the “magic of life”, as proclaimed YouTube star and spiritual guru Arianna Joy so elegantly names it.

Lastly, just to tie everything together, I want to mention a few of my earlier posts related to this topic. An important consideration to all of this which I have also discussed in detail in a previous post is the importance of perception. Remember that you are- You are a being, separate from  your thoughts; what you truly seek is just to BE, and that is already within you. I would like to leave you with one last reference from my most recent post on this topic and this quote: “To all your problems, you are the solution. To all your questions, you are the answer.” If you would like to explore this topic further, check out the “Links I’m Loving” at the bottom of this postwhich can serve as an excellent starting point. As I hope all of this was inspiring to you, it also served as a reminder and motivation for myself to reconnect with spirit and to continue to apply these principles in my daily life as I strive for higher aspirations during my own journey. Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday!

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