Enjoy The Ride

On my way home today after a long day of babysitting, there was a storm. This led to a terrible accident (I hope everyone involved is okay) and the road leading directly to my house being blocked. So, I pulled into a neighborhood to wait in my car, hungry, with a near-dead phone and broken phone charger and no air conditioning or good music. This could have easily turned out to be very bad, and I saw numerous people complaining about how it had ruined their day, but instead it turned out to be the best part of my day. With the little charge I had left on my phone, I called my family to find that they were right around the corner and able to come pick me up. I left my car in the random neighborhood and went with them to run some errands; I got some cool air, delicious food, a working phone, good company, my favorite music, and a little time off from all the worries of life! It’s moments like these when I really see the glass as half full and am filled with gratitude of God’s love and protection over me. 

I know I’ve said this a million times before, but I’ll probably say it a million times again because it’s worth it and so true: Bad things will always happen. There will always be unfortunate circumstances, bad people, sadness, because that is a part of life that makes you alive and human. But if you have faith, and if you know who you are and what’s most important in life, and if you actively choose to work hard, be patient, and look for the positive in every situation and either change what you can or accept what you can’t, you will be happy. It may take time and practice, but it will work and it will be worth it. Before you know it, small “problems” such as these will not even phase you because you’ll be about so much more. No matter how crazy or hectic life gets, always remember the big picture because the little things simply don’t matter. And then, after all is said and done, relax and let God take the reins; after all, life is short and whatever will happen will happen regardless, so you might as well sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Here are just a few of the unfiltered photos of the beautiful post-storm sunset in Atlanta:

To end on a completely random and unrelated note as I often like to do, here is a little update on what’s happening in the world of basketball. The Spurs and Heat have both made it to the NBA finals, and San Antonio has won game one. I always feel bad for Miami for making it to this point and losing year after year, but I’m always going to stick with Texas and am rooting for Spurs in 5;). 

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