Music Organization & Update

After spending several hours each day for the past week trying to organize all of my music, I am finally all done! On iTunes, I have a total of approximately 4,500 songs (21.34 GB of music) which I have synced with my 160 GB iPod, and an updated current summer playlist which I have synced with my iPhone. I have uploaded these using a video to mp3 converter, but many of these are bought from the iTunes store or imported from my older CD’s. To organize my music, I have created a variety of playlists organized by genre for my all-time favorites, and by time period for my current favorites at any given time (I usually update my current playlists once every month or two). Along with these, I also have about 200 CD’s of my favorite American and Bollywood songs, which I have also organized and kept safely in bins inside my room; I will add these to my iTunes library as I listen to them. 

On my iPhone and iPad, I have added only the current playlist from iTunes; however, I also use Saavn (Bollywood Songs App) and Pandora (All Other Songs App) in which I have also saved my favorite playlists that I can access from any iOS device with my account. I apologize in advance for the terrible picture quality on a few of the following pictures; my screenshot isn’t working along with many other technical difficulties I am currently experiencing with my laptop. However, below I have included a few pictures to give you an idea of my music organization style, as well as a couple of playlists to help you get started on organizing your own music or just some new music & apps to try out this summer. Enjoy!

“Music is magic pure and clean, you can feel it & you can hear it but it can’t be seen.” 

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