Fall Break: "Me" Day!

Hello fellow bloggers! As you may know, I was a little stressed out earlier and just so plain busy these past couple of weeks that I didn’t even notice when fall break snuck up on me! But thankfully, I have caught up on most of my stuff for school this weekend, and now I have an entire day to myself tomorrow! This isn’t really enough time to go somewhere fancy, nor do I have the money to splurge on some crazy adventure like I normally would, but for the first time in a long time I feel like I don’t even want to! I just want a simple day to enjoy simple pleasures, and that will be more than greatly appreciated. This is especially exciting with the added bonus that pretty much everything about my life has finally fallen back into place, better than I ever could have imagined, which will only make my day off from school tomorrow that much more enjoyable. I am beyond excited to not only get a few things done that I have been putting off, but also to take a day to rejuvenate my mind, body, and soul, and a little bit of spontaneous fun (not sure what that will be yet), lol.

 I have a special hour-long workout planned for the morning, including 20 minutes of cardio, strength training, and energizing yoga (of course, with the appropriate warm-up, cool-down, and perfect playlist)! I also will be starting the best multi-vitamin I have ever heard of: Alive! Women’s Energynot only does it have all of the the essential vitamins and minerals I need such as Vitamin C, D, and Iron, but it also has 26 fruits and vegetables! It is all natural and from whole foods, and I have heard so many great reviews, so I can’t wait to start taking it! There is even a new deep-conditioning treatment for my hair that I will be trying tomorrow, along with my nail kit, creating a little relaxing spa day of my own. I will then go grocery shopping galore, buying everything I have run out of and not had time to get these past couple of weeks, a few essential supplies such as post-its and a new phone cover, and maybe I’ll even have a little left over to buy a nice pair of earrings or new wallet or cute pair of shoes! I also need to do a MAJOR cleaning before I go to pray, and of course I can’t have the perfect day without meeting up for something fun in the evening with a friend or two. So, that is my plan for tomorrow, simple yet satisfying, and I even hear that the sun will be out;) imagine that!

In other news, last night I ran the entire show for the Atlanta Master Chorale concert…on my own. It was a little nerve-wracking to make sure the house lobby, performers, and rest of the back stage crew were all on the same page, but it made the time go by so much faster than usual, and the sense of accomplishment I felt afterwards cannot even be put into words. I also spent the entire day Thursday and then again yesterday with family, and I felt more loved and comforted than ever before, so those were definitely some good days. Today, I just caught up on post-clinical paperwork for my patient, and wrote a book response to “The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down”, a novel about the cultural conflict between a girl named Lia from a Hmong family and the modern doctors of Western culture in California, exploring how this clash affects Lia’s diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. It really is a quick and easy read that also allows for a good bit of reflection, so definitely check it out if you are interested in any aspects of healthcare or just learning about different cultures. 

PS–Here is your shocker for the day: I even looked up some healthy and delicious recipes I’d like to try out, and decorations and furniture for the sun room, what is happening to me?!

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