A Blessed Curse

As if there wasn’t enough going on right now, I just received bad news concerning one of the people I care about most in my life. Like I always say, I know who I am and what my life is all about in the big picture of my faith, so there is nothing in this crazy world that God and I cannot get through together. But what’s worse than anything I can ever go through, is seeing someone close to me struggle. If I only cared about myself, and never worried about anyone else, then life would almost be a breeze. When you care about somebody and love them, their problems become your own problems, and I can’t imagine anything worse than seeing someone suffer and having to accept that there may absolutely nothing you can do to help. Unfortunately, loving someone is one of the most important parts of being a human being; it is the one thing that can give meaning to being alive, and at times like this it seems to both a wondrous blessing and a dreadful curse.

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