Dancing With Wanderers

I dance
Ever so often they come to me
And ask me how I am
The way I am
How I smile
Why I care
How to find sweet melodies
Unheard of

I cannot show them
I want to say
You can be, too.
You are
It is inside of you
For you to declare
For you to claim

Its simplicity is hardly visible
But visible it is
Transparent, I say
It is
Over and over I say
It is

The incomplete
Like blind horses
With water at arm’s length
They refuse to drink
And go off to find gems
The kind which can be seen

Decorated in extravagance
Traveling through every door
Strangers to eachother
As they are to themselves
And off they wander
Not hearing a word I’ve said

I close my eyes, breathe deep
And let them be
Until they return
In their own time
And hope they see
Their fellow wanderers
And mine!

I know I am far
And they will come again
Until then
I smile with faith
I care with love
And I go to dance beside them
To such different melodies
We dance 

“& those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music”  -Nietzsche

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