I think
God does exist, and miracles do happen. I mean this girl Miracle was named because she fell underwater as a baby and still survived. And miracles actually happen in my own life, as hard as it may be for some to believe, sometimes every few months and/or when I need help. Sometimes I ask for something, and I seem to get it immediately afterwards.

The 2 times in my life I was most overwhelmed with things to do, God heard my prayers and canceled work, the only 2 times in my life. A few days ago, I went to sleep after angry praying to God to please not make me busy the next day, because I knew I had too much to do, and almost no energy to do it. So the next day my sister ended up not needing a ride to school, my test (for which was incredibly unprepared) got postponed, and my doctors appointment ended up being canceled for unknown reasons. I find specific messages from God when I need them the most, and see Him in the kindness of strangers around the world. Sometimes, it is almost literally unbelievable how obvious they are to me.

Not just when I’m busy, miracles happen to help me internally. I tried once for days to get up at 3:30am for morning Khane (religious center) on school days, but just really couldnt. I wanted to go so bad, but it was so hard. So I got angry, gave up, and did not set the alarm for the next day. But I prayed to God about it, and the next morning I woke up at exactly the right time without an alarm, not sleepy, with a strong urge to go to morning Khane, and I did.

Miracles happen to me all the time, thanks to God, but the biggest miracle is this. My mom never in her quarter of a century as a nurse has called out from work, never ever. Then one day, for no reason, she called out because she just felt like it, she didn’t even know why, come to find out thats the same day my father passed away. How much more miraculous can life get.

Some miracles are this big and noticible, while others arent. The truth is, everything can be seen as a miracle. Dreams, airplanes, the internet. Some may write these all off as coincidence, but that’s the difference between skeptics and believers. I love that God exists, I love that miracles do happen, and I’m happy and grateful that I’m able to put my trust in God as He guides my life, and that I am lucky enough to have faith and believe.

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