My Day Off

What do I do on my rare days off from both school and work? Other than sit in my backyard listening to music and letting the sunlight release extreme amounts of seratonin from within me? I get lost in deep thought and write random philosophical stuff that sounds great when I write it and extremely cheesy to myself and whoever reads it the next day when it’s time to move on with life. So, lucky for me and unlucky for whoever reads this, today is my day off.

Old Elementary School Short-Answer Quotation Explanation Assignment:
“Be the Change you want to see in the world”

My Response (with a lot of major changes):
I know at times the world seems like a big, hectic, busy, lonely, crazy, place where maybe not all, but a lot of people seem to have forgotten about love and the simple things and everything else that really matters. I know the world has countless problems and things that need to change. But the change that I believe matters most, the change that I want to see most in the world, is a simple inner change.

I want people to be more content. If people can become not only content, but grateful for all they have, then they will be happy. And I don’t mean only the material things like food, clothes, cars, and homes, the things that we take for granted. I mean the things that really matter, things like faith and education and above all, love. Not only a love for those friends and family that are close to you, but a love for yourself, a love for strangers, a love for mankind in general. The change I want to see is in people.

Even though it’s obvious the world is nowhere close to perfection and it needs more changes than I can ever list, I just want people to be more relaxed, giving, loving people. I want people to have faith, if not in organized religion, if not even in God, if not even in your own, made-up religion that makes you happy, then at least in eachother.

That is why I try to live my life one day at a time, relaxed instead of caring so much about what others think and when I’ll finish my never-ending to-do list. That is why I try to be grateful for everything I have, no matter how small. And that is why I try to love everyone around me, and see the best in people, because that’s the change I want to see in this world.

I know, it seems too simple, like it was written by some elementary school kid with no clue, and I admit, kinda lame, like from disney movie. If I want to see this change in the world, is it really as easy as just being the change myself? And if so, can people really be happier by doing this? Well, I think so, I mean it’s been working for me so far.

Just because we live in a busy world with numerous problems, doesn’t mean we can’t love and be happy. It doesn’t give us reason to be stressed out or worried all the time. And it doesn’t mean we can’t spend time doing what we love, whether it be being active in sports and other athletics, or putting effort into creative arts, film, theater, or music, or just reading and relaxing and spending time with family and friends. Or sitting outside listening to music, letting the sunlight release extreme amounts of seratonin form within yourself, writing random notes like this when you should be studying for Chemistry.


Oh, and btw, this wasn’t COMPLETELY random..i found this old assignment in my old box of papers and kinda changed it around. ALOT.

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