My First Post

Hii I’m Fatima! I know who I am and what my life is all about, and I absolutely love it. I am a free spirit, blessed, and alive. I am a student studying psychology, music, and holistic health in nursing. I am independent, unique, and optimistic. I enjoy traveling, music, and writing, among other things. I know who I am and I am in love with my life-the good, the bad, and the crazy. I am thankful to be blessed with so much love and happiness=) Here is a place for me to unwind and share my thoughts on faith, the universe, and my interests and happenings of daily life. Don’t judge me til you know me and I’m sure we’ll get along great! And now, for my first post on this site:

First of all, who am I, and why on earth would you take to time to listen to anything I have to say? Well, I’m Fatima Punja. Along with my undying faith in God, I have a big heart, an open mind, and an overwhelming desire to make a difference. I’ve been through my fair share of tough times, as have most other people, I’m sure. But I’ve always tried my best to come out of the other end, a stronger and better human being. I’ve made a lot of mistakes but I’ve learned from each and every one of them. I have a lot of flaws, and I learn from the world around me and take advice from the people I love, and try to improve on myself without changing who I am at the core. And now that I seem to have a lot of time on my hands, I feel like seizing this opportunity to freely share my thoughts and opinions with whoever is willing to listen, or with no one in particular.

I love writing. I’ve always been writing. Growing up, I always kept a journal with me. In middle school, I transitioned to online journaling on Xanga. And now at age 21, I have decided to continue on my very own blog. I love writing, but I never intended on sharing anything I wrote, because I was scared of people not agreeing with me, or not liking what I have to say. But lately, I’ve realized that it really doesn’t matter. If even one person reads what I write and uses even one thought or idea in their lives, I will be satisfied. Because I really write for myself, kind of like keeping a personal journal or diary; if I did not have the chance to express my thoughts through the power of the written word, the inside of my head would be a giant, unorganized, chaotic mess of pure confusion. So I write for me, but if my posts outside of this offer the possibility of influencing another person, then why not share it on a blog?

I am beyond excited for the debut of my new blog. I have strong opinions, but I’m always open to change and love to hear the thoughts of others. I would love nothing more than to hear others insight on my thoughts, whether they agree with what I have to say or not. So please, take the time to hear what I have to say, because it definitely can’t hurt you; any opinions or thoughts are welcome and encouraged–I promise I won’t bite. I will still be using social networking sites such as Facebook, and I will still have a post each month consisting of my private journal entries, but I am looking forward to sharing the most important aspects of myself and my life with you all! Feel free to browse around and check out any of the other sections of my blog! 

About Me: Free-spirit, Confident, Open-minded, Compassionate, Resilient, Charismatic, Living life fully in each moment:) I know who I am and what I want in life- I love my faith, family, music, traveling, learning new things, meeting new people, and having a good time!

I AM__ Spirit. My true self is separate from anything you’ll see on this blog, the eternal Being that is greatly misunderstood, but one with the universal energy of God. I am a soul within the physical form of a human body and I always remember that I come from God and will return to Him for eternity, and that is what makes me a Whole, connected to everyone and everything in this universe. This life is merely a speck in time and space- a dream- in which I give my whole self and life, this blog, and all that I think and feel and believe in the Hands of the One and Only, Real, Eternal, Perfection, the Great Power of this Universe, and my Creator and Soulmate- the Divine God, as He carries me with his righteous right hand, sets my spirit free, and stays close to my heart, always; I trust Him, love Him, fear Him, respect Him, and thank Him. Faith is the only thing that can drive away worldly negativity and bring true peace and happiness. Science can explain nearly everything, from quarks to the human body, the mind, emotions, actions, and even free-will, consciousness, and the universe, to some extent. But the Whole cannot be Complete without faith flowing from your soul to the outside world of science, at least not without some emptiness that will forever plague. When all else fails, remember that everything is thought, dream, illusion- only your spirit is eternal and everything you can need is all inside of you. You will always have your freedom of spirit, of mind, of emotion, of belief, of purpose-so fill your life with Faith, surround yourself with Love, and begin where you are. 🙂

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