“It’s what on the inside that counts”. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. We’ve heard ’em all before, and oh how true these statements are. To be honest, real beauty, that is God given and natural, is a very small part of what is considered beautiful nowadays, especially in this time and age of progressing technology/ideas and increasing peer and media influence. The only thing you really can’t change is your face, and even that can be somewhat altered through plastic surgery.

You can tan and simply live healthy for a good body, buy expensive clothes, and dye/style your hair any way you want, and viola! you can look however you want to look. And I know this is cliché, but there’s a reason why this is really true-its what’s on the inside that matters.

I know what you’re thinking-if there’s no outer beauty, how can anyone want to get to know the inside in the first place? Well, that’s because inner beauty is not just personality. It’s a certain presence that makes others wan to be around you, it’s that air of confidence you have when you’re happy and content with life, its that natural glow you get and you’re healthy and kind and content with your life. Sometimes people with that kind of internal beauty can wake up one morning and look better than someone who has tons of style, make-up, and jewelry, and no real substance. And once you realize that beauty really does come from within, then anyone can attempt to outshine others and attempt to cure themselves from the inside-be healthy, confident, and happy with their lives and appear to be the most beautiful creature in the world, at least in the eyes of a those who truly love you and know you.

Anyone who has that sparkle in their eyes that draws other people towards them is the one with the real, pure, true beauty. Be healthy and take care of your physical appearance, be content with your life and have confidence in yourself, keep your chin up and shoulders back. And then, if you’re happy with yourself as a person absolutely anyone can be a true beauty. So remember, a nice body may catch someone’s eye, but a genuine smile is the way to show your real beauty. And personality is the only way to the heart.

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