It doesn’t matter what they say

Most everyone believes that quitting is bad, and everyone else believes it because most people believe it. But I think that quitting is only bad if you quit something you love because it is too hard. But, you only live once. So if you start something and you don’t like it, you shouldn’t let phrases like “nobody likes quitters” bother you; you should spend your short time here on earth doing what you really, truly, want to be doing. I’ve just realized there are a lot of people that may not support my decisions, but I really believe that it is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not. Of course I care about what other people think of me; find me someone who doesn’t! I just don’t want people to judge or think bad things about me that aren’t true. If they think something about me, no matter how bad, and it’s the truth, then I really don’t care. I’ve never been someone who lets what other people think about me change who I am or keep me in any way from doing what I want to do. I make some decisions that other people have told me are crazy. But that’s what I want in my life, and that’s what matters in the end. I will not let people stop me from following my dreams and achieving my goals. That does not mean I am ignorant, of course I’m willing to hear people’s opinions and advice; but in the end, it’s my life, my decisions, and my consequences. It is important to be real and ignore people that are fake or superficial or judge you without getting to know you first, because it really doesn’t matter what they say.

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