Music is, in some ways, like human beings. Each piece has its’ own beauty and is special in its’ own way. Each song or piece, is an artist’s way of expressing their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions, composing it into an album in hopes that they will make a difference in someones life or be remembered forever. For some people, it is their life. It is their time, devotion, and energy released in an art form, along with their hope that a listener will relate to the lyrics, or at least momentarily forget the stresses of everyday life and be entertained by the sounds and rhythm of their music.
I will never understand how some people can so easily listen to a few songs of a genre or artist, or a few seconds of a song, and write it off as “lame” or not their “type”, or decide that they hate it & never give it a chance again. I really hope that the next time you listen to a song, you will really listen, and consider the amount of hard-work and true feelings that have gone into making it; hopefully this will broaden your listening range let you appreciate and enjoy music outside of your usual comfort zone.

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