Spiritual Freedom

Since my awakening in 2010, I have considered myself to be a free spirit in the sense that I never really felt that I quite fit into this society, but I discovered an inner light and my soul greatly resonated with the ideas of living a life of freedom, charisma, deep love and simple joys...although … Continue reading Spiritual Freedom


Night Of Power: Introduction

Laylat Al-Qadr is a night of special prayer, reflection, and remembrance of God and faith in the Shia Ismaili Muslim community. Celebrated on the 23rd night of the holy month of Ramadan, this night commemorates the revelation of the first verses of the Holy Quran to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his … Continue reading Night Of Power: Introduction

Free-Spirit Friday

I wanted to wait a while for things to fall back into place before I posted another update, but I feel like there is no time more perfect than now because I am finally feeling like my true Self again! During my meditation this morning, I noticed I was feeling sad, which is okay because … Continue reading Free-Spirit Friday


Free spirit eccentric star gazing hippie loving traveling beach music festival party hula hoop universe moonlight dancing summertime lover feel good vibes positive energy--have faith, find balance, inspire others, open your mind, work hard, dream big, smile often, laugh, enjoy the simple things, don't worry, love love love. Psychedelic Adventure on FacebookFree People on InstagramHippie … Continue reading PLUR