What Is Spirituality?

It is not only sitting quietly with your eyes closed, it is sitting quietly with your eyes closed and everything which comes with it.

It is the cosmic exploration of the deepest truth within and around yourself, remembering who you are and where you come from and where we all will return.

It is the alignment of mind, body, heart and soul with the unique way in which you live your life.

It is awareness of the beauty and gift of the vessels which are our bodies and how we learn to first discover and love ourselves.

It is the understanding of the oneness within yourself and every person you come across, and an eternal connectedness with all creatures, living beings, nature and the universe.

It is the total immersion into the present moment with full acceptance as it is, and the simple joy and bounding abundance which arises from letting it be.

It is the vast expansion and opening of the mind leading to a removal of all layers of expectations and judgements of yourself and of others, and breaking the boundaries of societal norms and disruptive or harmful patterns to unleash the inherent beauty found in every space.

It can be experienced in meditation within yourself, and shared with others via external forms such as yoga, dance, art and creativity.

Spirituality is the essence of who all we are at the very core and a wildly fulfilling love, oneness and connection with the one source that can provide an everlasting peace and joy which, once found in awakening, can never be lost again.

It helps you manifest your most authentic life, creating a life which can balance a sense of adventure and laughter with that of hard-work and purpose, and the highest highs and lowest lows which can be experienced during our time in human form, shedding all the layers to reveal the few yet most meaningful parts of existence.

Enter the realm of dissolved Ego and infinite energy as your conscious awareness expands.

Spirituality encompasses all this and so much more which can only be experienced beginning from the inside of those who seek to attain the pure bliss and light which comes when one begins to sit quietly with closed eyes.

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