Meditations & Affirmations

I am the observer and witness of the present moment.

I sit without expectations: I openly welcome and embrace any thoughts, emotions, sensations, reactions or distractions to come and pass through me to reveal the layers to my soul.

Breathing deeply in through my nose, and exhaling out through my mouth, I relax my entire body from head to toe.

I smile- with my eyes and face, heart and body- I smile.

I close the mind door and open the heart window to be still and know, I Am.

I am an abundant energy of the Universe and nothing can ever take this away from me.

I focus on the positive and what truly matters every day.

I try my best and trust that the Universe will take care of the rest.

I am thankful each day to my higher source, that my life is filled with peace and abundant blessings.

Joy and love flow within and around me.

I create my own space for satisfaction in my life and I believe in myself.

I am self-aware and express this daily in my journal and by my actions.

I am healthy. My body is energized, strong and flexible.

I am confident and comfortable in my skin, and I regularly practice self-love.

I feel connected to and loved by my partner. I love my partner selflessly.

My relationships with immediate family and close friends bring me fulfillment. My relationships are vibrant and long-lasting.

My heart is open to give and receive the love I deserve and I attract loving, caring and positive people into my life.

I am thankful for whoever my partner is whenever he comes; I open my heart to give and receive the love I deserve, I attract loving caring positive people into my life and my relationships are healthy, vibrant, long-lasting

I feel connected to and one with everyone and everything.

I am surrounded by love that is all around me. Wherever I go and whoever I am with, I find love.

I am patient, tolerant, compassionate and understanding of others.

My emotions are sent from the Universe with love, and from my subconscious to guide me.

I am happy. My life is joyous, here and now.

I am open-minded, educated and intelligent. I actively do my part to make a difference in society.

I have peace of mind and am abundant in my education, career and money. I feel a sense of purpose in what I do and am motivated to succeed in my goals.

I have everything I need in this moment, so I am content.

I am organized and productive everyday, getting things done one by one. I live simply and intentionally.

I prioritize balance and make time for hobbies I am passionate about. I leave free-time for play and can be flexible with my schedule.

I am rooted comfortably in the seat of presence, and observe my life as my art and masterpiece. I am not attached to the world.

I enjoy every moment and accept what I cannot change because nothing is ever as serious as it seems.

I accept that there is negativity in myself, others and the world. I embrace these challenges and grow from them.

If the Universe has brought me problems, it will also take them away, so ultimately, life is good.

I soak up the positive of my past and let go of negativity which I cannot control.

I am excited for my bright future that I create. I am excited for the opportunities each day brings.

I live with awareness in the here and now and say yes to the present moment, which is the only moment that matters.

I am grateful for my life and the knowledge that everything in the Universe is exactly as it should be in this moment.

Today I am grateful for (list 3 new things each day for which you are thankful).


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