They say we are each creators of our own lives, and that the key to attracting positive thoughts, people and events begins with looking within ourselves. Self-awareness encompasses possessing knowledge of our own character and beliefs, our strengths and flaws, our mistakes and patterns which have hindered us in the past, and remaining conscious as we observe our thoughts, feelings and the choices we make throughout our lives. Accepting such full responsibility can seem daunting and difficult at first, but it will prove to be equally as rewarding in the end.

Does this mean that I have total fault in the passing of my dad and sister, or in the fact that my family and friends live spread out amongst many countries, or in my current situation where a heart full of love was met with anger and hatred? Of course not; one person can never control another person. But does this mean I do play a vital role in the existing relationships I have and am an equal player in creating the outcomes of said relationships? Absolutely. Even when it seems like the world has dealt us nothing but uncontrollable injustice, self-awareness is the first step in creating change.

You see, if you look for the negative you will always find it. Likewise, if you look for the positive and focus on that, you will always surely find that as well. Our mind creates our entire lives and realities regardless of what outside circumstances happen to us, which are out of our control most of the time. Although we cannot control all external factors in our lives, we each contribute significantly to how we choose to react to those situations and carve out the possibilities of our future going forward.

There is no rulebook that has guaranteed that there will be no problems during our time on Earth. In fact, some of these struggles will be more difficult than anyone can ever imagine. However, in the midst of these challenges and in the face of what seems like unbearable darkness, there is always a choice. A choice to accept what is happening as inevitable and spend our time wallowing in self-pity and despair, or to take that same acceptance of the present moment, seek out the positive, and then use our conscious self-awareness to seek out further opportunities for improvement.


On that note, and to shift my own life perspective lately, I would like to announce that I have accepted an offer to my dream job as an outpatient registered nurse at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center; I will be working in the Integrative Medicine Center which I believe is in total alignment with my passion for holistic healthcare and alternative treatments! Also, I have yet to mention my deepest gratitude for my strong and sweet mother on this upcoming Mother’s Day and how thankful I am to have her near me again as I embark on this new journey.

To anyone reading this right now, and to myself on the days where it’s not so easy to seek out goodness: no matter how incredibly difficult your life situation may be at the moment, know that change is the only constant in life and that you are here for a reason. You have already done the first step and attracted this into your life, and better things are waiting for you right now on the other side of self-awareness and positivity. And perhaps the most amazing reward which comes with this conscious self-awareness is the ability truly know oneself, and therefore, to love the essence of all others regardless of their external characteristics and behaviors.

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