Throughout my life, I have had various people whom I have looked up to, to inspire me in different areas of my life. For a majority of things, my number one role model has been and will always remain my mother- a single-mother of two and nurse to thousands, she is the embodiment of balance between household responsibilities and independent career-woman; through it all, she has been wise and selfless, and shown incredible strength in every aspect of her life. Although no one else can compare, and no words can every truly describe the magnificent energy she exudes, today I wanted to share my first-ever #womancrushwednesday and show that your inspirations don’t always have to be a parent, teacher, or public-figure- sometimes, they can be just another girl who you can relate to and look up to.

Lately, one of my greatest inspirations has been Heidi Somers, otherwise known as @buffbunny. She is a health and fitness guru on Youtube, but she has so many positive qualities that I strive for myself. Because she is the same age as me, she is easy for me to relate to, and she has also moved away from her family and friends in Alaska to begin a new life in Texas. Heidi often unofficially serves as an inspirational speaker on social media platforms and is strong, beautiful, and confident in herself inside and out. She worked hard to lose forty pounds and attain her fitness goals, and turned her passion into a successful career. Having inspired millions of her viewers to live a more confident, positive and healthy lifestyle, she is one of the most charismatic individuals who I can relate to on so many levels but also motivates me to aim high and improve on my own areas as well. Check out her channel here and comment below someone who serves as a role-model you look up to! 

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