In earlier posts, I have mentioned “The Secret” and its stance on getting what you want in life. It states that if you decide you want something, ask the universe for it, and believe it will be yours, then it will undoubtedly be yours. I have also mentioned before, the teachings of Joel Osteen, popular Christian Pastor who gives speeches and inspires people from all faiths all around the world. His focus is often on acceptance, and viewing certain feelings or situations or people as a sign from the universe that something you want may not be meant for you.

How can I so strongly advocate for both of the above when they are, seemingly, such opposing ideas? Because there is a gray area: wisdom. If you have a dream, a goal that you find is worth putting in all your resources to attain, then you should, by all means, do your absolute best to achieve that goal to strive for the life you desire. But certain things are out of your control, and for those you resort inwards to faith. There are certain things that, no matter how hard you’ve tried, you can feel a nagging sense that this is perhaps not what is meant for you. 

This is where the wisdom comes in to play. The wisdom to know the difference between what you are able to change and what you should accept. We are human beings, creatures of knowledge and wisdom to guide our choices and mold our lives. To remain stubborn and stick to a goal you know in your gut is not right, or to give up on something you know is meant for you, is to waste this wisdom and all the potential available to you.

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