The way I see it, life is like a basketball game: we have the playing field, a coach, the rulebook, our teammates, other teams, a common goal, and an understanding that the most important thing is remembering it is just a temporary game so we should focus on enjoying the process and appreciate the strength and skills we acquire which we can apply to life after the game. How we play is in our control, and what others do to us, or whatever happens during the game that is not in our control, happens no matter how good of a player we are. The coach guides us during the game, and certain aspects can be intervened in if necessary, but the game itself does not change and its outcome is not in our control.
In the same way, all human beings are playing the game of life for a short period in between the reality that is becoming one with He from whom we came and to He whom we shall return. I understand human beings have intellect to guide their free will, but my question was how does destiny and gods plan fit into this concept? I never firmly believed that everything happens for the best reason; as mentioned in an earlier post, sometimes things just happen. There is always something good to find in every situation in life, but this does not mean that it would’ve turned out worse or better  if it had happened any other way. I also believe that God is good, but He is also bad– not in a negative way, but because He is all encompassing, and everything is God and God is everything, it is contradictory to reject the idea of a powerful God with a wrath and ability to punish. The scholar’s response, which I mentioned in my previous post, guided me towards finding my own answer.
And my question was answered, but not by the words of the wise scholar or any knowledge I have gained. Rather, it was this quote that led me to my solution: 

“To all your problems, you are the solution. To all your questions, you are the answer.” 

You know how everyone says happiness cannot be found in anything or anyone outside yourself? Being that meditation is my number one interest and area of self-proclaimed expertise, I discovered the truth to this statement at a relatively young age. The same is true of God, for they are one and the same. Each and every one of us has the spirit of God within us, and the power that it holds is unimaginable and inexplicable and irrevocably ours forever. Yes, God has created us and given us free will and an intellect and emotions and the concepts of religion to guide us, but ultimately, it is He who is in charge because nothing can happen that is not in God’s will. We create our own destiny, with the positive energies of our souls of God, by working hard and being patient and growing and learning from the bad and appreciating the good in each moment and envisioning whatever it is that want. Seek, and you shall find; ask, and you shall receive. At the same time, there are always other laws in place working alongside this law that creates conflict and misunderstanding, and there is always a Higher power who created us who can intervene at any time- this divine being works through energy and intention rather than spoken words, but is also a being of love and peace. 

There are many questions that may remain unanswered during this life, including the true reason of why this world was created in the first place and what our purpose is while being here. However, these truths are different for each person because it is impossible to know without leaving this world, and I have found the answers which I find to be essential to lead a life of faith, good health, knowledge, purpose, positive energy, love and compassion for all living creatures and creation, and true untouchable happiness and peace that is untouched by external circumstances. I was very close to reaching this point many times throughout the past several years, but it seemed to me there was always something I was missing, always something I felt I needed more of. This is the first time there are no exceptions. I know who I am and what’s most important to me in my blessed life, I appreciate the struggles and peace of spirit amidst outer chaos, and I finally understand the power of God I have within me by which I gain everything I am able to have that goes along with the will of God. I have everything I need within me, without exceptions in each and every moment, and this is more than I could have ever hoped to attain.

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