Fall Update 2014

Hello, all! I apologize for not having published any posts in a while; I have just been so busy lately! Now that finals are over with and I finally have some time on my hands, I figured I would give you a quick update. I suppose the most important update is that I have successfully completed my third semester of nursing school (woo!) and only have one more semester to go before I graduate!

In a post from earlier this year, I mentioned some goals I that I had hoped to accomplish by the end of the year, rather than saving them as New Year’s resolutions. I am proud to say that I have started to accomplish many of those, although I have a long way to go for some of the others. I suppose the important thing to mention is that I made it through whatever came my way, despite having one of the most difficult semesters of my life. Here are a few of the highlights from this fall; enjoy!

End Of Summer Dinners
Partnership Walk 2014


Netherworld With Fellow Nurses!

Selfie With Salim-Sulaiman At A Music Session The Day Before Their Concert!

Family Birthdays=)

Shawn’s Visit To ATL For Thanksgiving: Aquarium, World Of Coke, Skyview

Dinner At Bahama Breeze With My Favorites 🙂


Secret Santa Gift Exchange & Potluck With The Bests!

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