Goodbye, Summer: Chicago, Michigan & Ohio

Do I even need to say it? Summer was absolutely amazing; there is a reason I spend the entire year looking forward to it every year! This was the first summer in many years that I was not taking any summer classes or working (other than babysitting for a few weeks). I was able to spend quality time not only for myself, but with family and friends, doing the things I love the most. I traveled to Dallas, Chicago, Chicago again, and Michigan- I even went to Ohio to visit the amazing Toledo Zoo! I attended a couple of weddings, bonded with my oldest friends, and made some new friends as well. I admit I was not the most productive person this summer, but it was all worth it to make memories that will last a lifetime (too bad my bank account doesn’t seem to agree). And now that it’s over, I am already looking forward to next summer!

Today was my last first day of nursing school, and graduation next May has never felt closer or seemed more real. From what I can tell so far, my professors seem to be extremely flexible and open-minded, and I cannot wait to start my clinicals on the neurology medical surgical floor, psychiatry hospital, and hopefully have the chance to spend some time in the ER and ICU as well. The highlight of my day, however, was getting to reunite with my Emory nursing school classmates; there is a certain feeling of comfort in knowing that there are 150 other students by your side working towards the same goals. Of course, I can also already tell what a busy semester and year this will be- I’ve barely started and am already buried in obscene amounts of homework! But as always, I have faith that with hard work, patience, and trust in God, I can and will succeed in this final step towards my greatest dream.

Here are a few highlights from the most recent weeks of my summer break:

My Close Friend’s Wedding!
Wedding with Shawn in Chicago
Top Golf With My Best Friends
My First Hockey Game Ever, In Michigan, To See Shawn Win!
My Family; My Heart
“Africa” At The Toledo Zoo In Ohio!

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