Random Update & Strange Encounter

Hmm..where do I even start? Everything in my life has fallen into place better than I ever could’ve imagined, and the path I am on is one that will lead me to achieving my greatest dreams both in my personal and professional life. I know who I am and what my life is about in constant remembrance of my faith in God. I am having an amazing summer that is filled with both excitement and relaxation, and I am so ready to dive back into the real world, live in the moment, and love everyone I come across. Simply put, I am happy.

In other very random news, the strangest two college age students just came to our door, woke up my mother, and asked to come inside…they seemed normal enough, but boy was I wrong! They sat on our couch-the girl was quiet, and the guy did all the talking. He had red hair and a French accent, and laughed after everything he said. He asked my mom about her career and high-fived her for being a single mom, saying she is an angel and a diamond and that he can’t imagine what it must be like but that would probably never be a mother anyways. 

He then proceeded to ask her if she had any weird dreams and told us about his dream where he had to choose between a spaceship war or going back to his own planet, and he chose the war. My mother told him she didn’t have time for all this extra talking and to get to the point, and he finally told us about his education project for students up until their first year of college. Upon realizing that neither myself nor my sister belong in that category, he apologized and said he didn’t really have anything to offer us. He then made a last feeble attempt to sell us a copy of either a health handbook for those who don’t have health insurance (as one our Japanese neighbors apparently do not), or a cookbook with 100 different ways to cook a chicken for the times one may head into the kitchen and have no idea what to cook. My mom said no. 

He seemed to finally catch on to the fact that we were clearly not interested, so he decided to leave, but not before stating his shock that I look a great deal younger than my age and also asking us to fill up his empty Gatorade bottle with cold water for the rest of his journey through the neighborhood. After he left, my sister and I were finally able to burst into laughter and clarify that this all did, in fact, actually just happen. It was quite an awkward and uncomfortable experience, especially with all the shocked expressions and suppressed laughter from our side, but clearly strange and entertaining enough for me to mention on here. 

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