Mother’s Day 2014

My mother knows me better than anyone else in the whole world–even better than I know myself.  So yesterday, when she told me that lately I have been argumentative about every little thing and overly sensitive, it really hurt me. But she then explained to me that that is not who I am as a person, nor have I been like that my whole life; I have been acting that way recently, and she feels it is her duty as my mother to help me notice my mistakes so I can catch them early and prevent myself from becoming someone I do not want to be. I was so angry at first, but after I thought about it and patiently tried to understand her point of view, I realize once again just how amazing of a mother I have, who always has my best interest at heart. 

This is just one of the many times I have misunderstood my mom, and later realized her wisdom and that she wants nothing but the best for me. My mother has worked harder than anyone I know and sacrificed her own life to raise me and my sister. She has taught me everything I know, such as the difference between loneliness and solitude, one of the most important lessons I needed to learn in order to find myself. She is the strongest, kindest, most intelligent and open-minded human being I have ever known, and the words I speak will never do her justice. I truly believe I have the best mother in the entire world–I love her more than life itself, and it would be the greatest blessing to become even half the woman she is one day. Happy Mother’s Day!

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