Twitter Memories

I have officially decided to discontinue my use of the social media medium Twitter, but there are some tweets that have a special meaning to me that I do not want to lose forever, no matter how insignificant they probably seem to others. Here is a collection of just a few of those Twitter memories before I bid it a final farewell.

Attempting to swim through the ocean of finals in which I am currently drowning..I don’t know how I’ll ever make it past the first semester of nursing school!

“YAYYY we can take the final now!” –  

“Well, I’m Meatball! No last name required, like Cher and Jesus”-Hart of Dixie 

Sometimes, I forget to focus on the & remember the -picture. But when I do… 🙂 🙂 🙂

“Good-looking people are just well formed molecules”  

“Find your freedom in the music, Find your Jesus, find your Cupid, Never let you fall apart, Together we’ll dance in the dark” 

Not at or but felt it obligatory to tweet about so I’m not an  

Headed to my LAST day after TEN YEARS of volunteering at the library 

“If you’re not on Facebook, I don’t consider you alive” lol  

Mind on a permanent vacation, the ocean is my only medication. -Zac Brown Band

Shout out to the SEVERAL kind strangers I have encountered this week who will never see this tweet lol people like you give me hope=)  

Universe please send me some type of motivation to be productive 

The texting & driving commercials do a really good job of instilling fear and sadness in its viewers

I have such strong feelings of love towards my Pandora app 

Love it when I decide to clean out my purse in the middle of the night like a normal person. Most productive 10 min of my night…

Slash I should probably turn off the reality TV now, since I’m actually starting to feel my brain cells pop  

& lastly, WHY is there so much to do on my day off? Pretty sure I’d rather be playing in the ocean somewhere far away right now  

Just watched The Real World: Portland and True Life: I’m Addicted to Tanning…I’m not sure what emotions I’m feeling right now.  

Sooooo unbelievably lately, oh my God. I have a long to-do list again..this is not okay with me. ok done 

Spending my long Monday at work researching and trying to find good country music..suggestions are welcome

Every time I take a step back, I can see just how much life is being lived all around me  

Or we can stare up at the stars and put the Beatles on 

Stayed for the entire event and had to leave just before cocktail hour, dinner party, and desert reception  

UGH I miss skipping class and then complaining about it  

A and kind of night  

OMG I have one follower on  

These alll literally bloomed overnight   

is trending nationwide, my life has been made

that’s the GSU station, I was a DJ there for over a year!!! You listen to me on the radio & I watch you on TV=)

EVERYONE’S list involves waking up, thinking, & moving…what is wrong with the world?!

Abnormally and overly excited about my entire day off tomorrow & again this entire weekend  

Back to my senses lol..can’t even believe the path of destruction I almost went down..again  

A patients mom today: “I’m a registered nurse so I know my child doesn’t need a mask for HER kind of cough”

All patients and staff stuck inside for the evening, fun  

The sounds that my car makes CANNOT be safe  

You’re really gonna rain all week, Atlanta?? The weekend sunshine was such a !

Home!! love good food & my warm bed  

STILL at work…love the kids but can’t wait to reunite with my bed! At least I get to watch  

Oh life, why are you the way you are?  

Hard to believe that the same world that has , , & is the same world that has , , , &  

Family “lunch” lasted all day long & covered all three meals  

4am waho I love u  

SO happy with everything in this exact moment:) ..& obvs excited for tonight slash this weekend!  

Making the most of my “official lazy day” but it was so hard to get out of bed to get more food & the remote lolol  

Can’t manage to find even a single speck of motivation today  

PS-Note to my twitter community: please do not judge me as a person based on my last two tweets 🙂

Hate when I look at FB/twitter before I watch important shows on DVR & already know what’s going to happen  

Such an eventful & exciting weekend but literally got NO sleep!  

Woke up this morning already ready for tonight @JendryRuth  

I dont wanna think about what’s gonna be after this, I wanna just live right now

how do I live in ATL, go to school where you film, try so hard, & still never get to see you?!

I know I probably say this too often but seriously THANK GOD FOR  

New workout & favorite breakfast makes me not dread going to work as much  

My flip flops & i have been waiting for warm weather since the first day of last November

Feeling so strange I’m positive that no word exists for this yet..thank god for music  

Done with what I needed to do & finally have time to do some leisure reading:)  

Optimism and delusion are two TOTALLY different things.

Clearly Kim Kardashian’s unborn baby is already more rich & famous than most people will ever be

It’s always easier to feel nothing, but that’s what makes us alive & human..embrace it!

*insert depressing finals tweet here* ‘dratherbedoing

Keep needing to take naps throughout the day  

: I just broke my personal record of days without dying today.”

full of faith & loving life:)  

Wasting more time than I actually have  

Just realized that the weather is positively correlated to the number of callers I get each week  

Too much energy & not quite sure what to do about it=D  

For the first time in my life, I’ve completed every single thing on my to-do list  

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