Reflections: The Ten Commandments

After watching what was one of the most thought-provoking movies of my life, I just have to share the new insight I’ve gained about myself and life. Not just because it was so entertaining, but because it really made me look deep inside to remember the truth. It was a reminder that faith is so much more than even a way of life-it is a light inside each and every human being that, once lit, can never be taken away. And that beauty, true beauty, is so much more than meets the eye. I saw how easy it can be to quit and stop believing, despite having been shown the light time and time again, to go astray when that is the way of the majority, and how difficult it may be to stand up for what you believe in against the majority when actually faced with the task.

We all want to believe that deep down inside, we are the kind of people who would always do the right thing, because there is goodness and light within each of us, but I honestly do not know that I would truly make the right and unselfish decision in a moment in which I was faced with such dilemmas as those presented in this film. I do not know if I would sacrifice all that I have for the greater good, or go against authority to stand up for something that no one else will. And, like all movies of God, it pushed me to be more simple and work hard and not get caught up in the material world.

It was a movie of good character, of honor, courage, hope, love, goodness, and strength of faith in the face of danger. Most of all, it reminded me of my purpose, which is to understand and love all of God’s creation in every breath. Of course there are parts of history that I do believe may have gone wrong in translation and did not quite happen the way it has been written, but I know its foundation was the truth and I will try my best to remember it while still living life as a free spirit and kind soul to the best of my ability.

“A jewel has brilliant fire, but gives no warmth. Our hands are not so soft but they can serve. Our bodies not so white, but they are strong. Our Lips are not perfumed, but they speak the truth. Love is not an art to us, it is life to us. We are not dressed in gold and fine linen, strength and honor are our clothing. Our tents are not the columned halls of Egypt, but our children play happily before them. we can offer you little, but we offer all we have. Nothing from some is more than gold from others.”

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