My Perfect Day

My perfect day would be simple. I would wake up at dawn to meditate and pray, focusing on who I am and what my blessed life is all about, reminding myself of the shortness of this life and the greatness of my faith. I would go for a run and do some yoga outdoors, taking some time to appreciate the little things in the world around me. I would spend the day doing whatever I felt like doing, making sure to thoroughly enjoy myself, and feel no guilt or regrets later on.

And then, I would put on my highest heels and favorite red lipstick, and head out with family and loved ones to a indulge in a nice dinner consisting of steak and spontaneous delicacies, savoring every single bite. We would continue the evening by dancing to good music late into the night, right next to the perfect bonfire on some beautiful beach. It would be a day filled with faith, energy, love, and laughter. It may not be the ideal perfect day, but it would be MY perfect day, and I would cherish the memory of it forever.



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