Acheivement Weekend

Today I took my sister to the first day of an overnight “Achievement Weekend” at Agnes Scott College. It is nearby our home and has several exceptional qualities one would take into consideration with deciding upon which college to enter, but it is a private college and therefore, insanely expensive. Since my sister has told me about her decision to go there, I’ve been sure that there would be nothing that could change my mind about the fact that I don’t think it’s the best idea for her. Yes, it’s a good school. But for the price, combined with her well-above-average intelligence level, there are many schools that could and would be much better for her. However, now that I am back, my mind has been changed completely.

My sister has a very unique personality, in the best way possible. She is also very smart, intelligent, witty–basically a genius in my eyes. She has the sweetest, most sensitive, and naive heart I’ve ever known, and like me, she has lived a very blessed life. The only problem is that she doesn’t see that, any of it. And that’s exactly why Agnes Scott is the perfect environment for her to use as a foundation to grow and become the person she is meant to be. She is confident in this decision and truly happy about beginning this new stage of her life as a student at Agnes Scott, and that is the most important thing to consider. But I’d like to add that the school as a whole is fairly underrated, and I am now happy with her decision as well.

The “Honor Statement” that is the way of life of “Scotties” stole my heart the moment I read it, and when the President of the school expanded on this, I was sold. Me, who is not easily influenced at all, by anything! At this 4 year, all girls, private college, students are encouraged to live with an open mind and open heart, and a spirit of adventure. They focus on academics, health, and social life as well as how students can use what they learn at a broader level, but are constantly reminded to relish every moment without stressing about things beyond their control. They particular emphasize the “magic” of a close-knit, family-type community that will build self-confidence and serve as a foundation to helping students become adults of good moral thoughts and behavior, that can and will go on to make a significant and profound impact at a global level.

I wanted her to take advantage of the fact that she is so smart and capable of receiving numerous sources of financial aid, and go to a school that is more well-known and heard of than Agnes Scott. I wanted her to go to school in a big city, where she could explore and discover new ways of living and be exposed to a variety of new ideas, people, and experiences. But what SHE needs at this specific point in her life, is a well-rounded environment of caring people where she feels most comfortable, so that she can slowly ease out of her shell and take the first step towards independence, and one day thrive in the life I am confident she is meant to live. Not every school is right for every person, but this school is exactly right for her, and nothing can make me happier to know that she is going to take advantage of such an amazing opportunity that will change herself and her life in such a positive way.

As much as this day was about her, and as happy as I am for her, this visit reminded me of just how much potential exists in any new opportunity. Today is the first day of my life where I truly do want to go back to school, and I am more excited than ever to start my own adventure at Emory’s nursing school this upcoming fall. And I will be sure to continue blogging and providing updates about my own journey back into the world of education, in hopes of leaving behind my own positive influence in the world as well.

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