Some Random Life Advice

When u reach the top and have lots of fame and fortune, DONT forget the people that helped you get there. Dont’ work so hard that u never have time to stop and smell the roses.When you die, the only thing left will be your soul, so don’t get so caught up in material progress and things such as money that you forget the things that really matter (family/friends, helping others, etc.) Life is TOO SHORT. Appreciate everything you have because you never know when it will be gone. Don’t take the simple, everyday things (5 senses, family, education, food, etc.) in life for granted because not everyone has the good fortune of having them. Take advantage of EVERY OPPORTUNITY that comes your way. Try new things, experience new feelings, and make new friends. Laugh. Love. Smile. Make others smile. Live everyday as if it is ur last. Breathe every breath as if it is your last. Live life to the absolute fullest, and dont have any regrets because EVERY experience (good and bad) you’ve had has helped make you the person you are today. Also, I think its much better to have bad experiences and learn from them than to not have any experiences at all. Most importantly, know that your life is only the way you see it so always see the glass half full, because it is never half empty.

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