The perfect word to describe my dreams is “crazy”; most of my dreams are-and theres no easier way to say this so i’ll just be direct-certifiably insane and full on cuh-razy. I dream every single night,
for what feels like almost all night long. I dream the strangest, most random dreams that seem to have nothing to do with anything and I dream so, so many. Oftentimes when I wake up, I’m exhausted almost as if I havent slept and I always remember the subjects but they’re almost never completely clear. The worst part is that I always wake up feeling some unexplicable emotion that I like to call “emotion X”, and it’s a very disturbing feeling thats difficult to explain and often lasts all morning and sometimes all day. I dont know why this happens or what it means, but it really bothers me and I have no idea how to stop it. The mystery of dreaming has always plagued me, and although I have grown to accept these and react to them a lot more rationally now, this topic continues to fascinate me to this very day.

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