There are 2 things in life that can never be taken away from you- your soul and your knowledge. That is why I love psychology and the brain-it is the single most important and powerful tool in the universe, one that connects the body with the spirit and everything in between. If used correctly, it can change the world, and if damaged, some may agree it is as good as losing your life.
I am fascinated by how the will of mind can get anything and everything done, almost like, if not better than, magic. No matter how bad something is in life, you can think in a certain optimistic way, and everything will seem okay- and vice versa.
For example, the phantom limb syndrome can cause unbearable and excruciating pain, but if another limb is put by a mirror and adjusted, the brain can be convinced the pain is gone.
Because of psychology and the brain, what is can be not, and what isn’t, can be. Everything in life can
be uncertain, and the uncertain can become certain due to perception and belief. Life and the universe can be whatever you want it to be, because of the brain; if this is not a magical miracle, then I don’t know what is.
I am amazed at the study of knowledge and the mind, how small changes in it can be the greatest change in life, but knowledge is intensely important as well. People less educated are the ones that are ignorant, close-minded, act before considering consequences. The ones that think violence is the answer and that physical strength overcomes anyobstacle. The ones that think extra conservatively, close-mindedly, thinking their way is most definitely the one and only correct way.
Knowledge itself is a very good, important, powerful tool in life.Those who are educated not only succeed in material aspects of life, but also gain more common sense, understanding, compassion, and tolerance/patience. They are more open-minded, less judgemental, and often looked up to and highly respected. It is important to not only have the basic knowledge you learn up to high school,
but also to know things you are not required to know, to have a specialty in which you can move forward, and most importantly, to use this knowledge to help others and stand up for what you believe in.
Learning about your faith can help spread what you stand for, learning about basics can help in every day life, and learning about your specialty can eventually help others and make a difference in thier lives. Although the process of learning may be difficult for those who are lazy like myself, in the end it is always worth the hard work, effort, and energy, to gain so much valuable knowledge and education about yourself and the world, and go on to make an impact on people and in this world, helping to fulfill life’s purpose.
I am fascinated at how there are so many possibilities when it comes to thinking and knowledge, and how the smallest intakes of certain drugs or specific events in life can have such extreme effects on the human mind/brain. Most of all, I love how lucky humans are to be able to realize this, to think,
and to understand- which is exactly what is allowing me to bring this writing, an entirely new piece of knowledge, into this universe from the comfort of my own room.
I love being a psychology major because the brain is everything other than God. It is reality, during ones lifetime. It controls your life, your self, your actions, and sometimes even things and people around you. I love people, and learning how they think, why they think it, and their actions that follow.

My favorite concentrations in psychology are interpersonal behavior, abnormal psychology, and biochemical neuropsychology, but these are only a few of the smaller concepts that make up the larger whole that is the study of the human mind; Psychology is a universal concept studying the human mind and behavior, and there is nothing I find more fascinating than the fact that this study relates to all 7 billion of us.

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