Inspirational Photography

 I have never been particularly interested in art, perhaps because I have always found the ability to use the power of the written word more than sufficient enough to express all that I am about, and music to do all the rest. Today I came across the random blog of a self proclaimed artist with some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. Some were photographs of things that one may encounter on a daily basis, others were precious moments captured in time, and yet others consisted of higher ideas that seemed to by far transcend any material or tangible worldly concepts. They were unique and artistic representations of all that it means to me to be a free spirit-nature, people and love, and freedom-and the ideas behind these were even greater. In these few simple moments, the world around me seemed to stop and my thoughts of everyday chaos were replaced by a peaceful serenity. It reminded me once again of the big picture of things as well as the true beauty that lay hidden in everyday life and the joy that comes from taking pleasure in and appreciating the little things in life. It also inspired me to bring out my creative side and explore my own artistic abilities, and embrace the nature around me and maybe get into some inspirational photography of my own.

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