Sudden Insight

The purpose of life is to live your life with a an open mind, clean soul, and healthy body, keeping confidence in yourself and everything you believe in. It is about being content and remaining strong in your faith, whatever it may be, being thankful for the past, and keeping hope in the future, no matter what. Most of all, life is about love and dedicating yourself to the betterment of this world and everyone in it, leaving this world a better place than when you came. It is about living honestly and treating others fairly. Life is all about being there for others so you can be alive even when you’re gone, making a mark that will last forever. Surrounding yourself with God’s most extraordinary creation and filling their lives with love and happiness is what everything that’s worth anything is all about. I believe that this is life’s purpose, and this alone is what will bring true happiness and make your time here worthwhile.

The meaning of life is to love and help others, leaving this world a better place than when you came. Not to just build relationships with close friends and family, but to develop a love for mankind in general. It is to live life with an open-mind and take things a day at a time. It is to work towards material success (education, career, etc), but to find a balance and not let your happiness depend on these things. It is to have faith in something higher; this could be God, or something else. It is to find yourself and create meaning in your life by doing things and being around people that make you feel good.

It is to soak up all of the good, and let go of all the bad, and remember that even though things go wrong, and people hurt you, and you’re flawed and stressed and people have judged and hurt you and each other and you feel horrible sometimes, that’s a part of life and it goes on no matter what. Most importantly, it’s important to know that its okay to have days where you’re not perfect. It’s ok to feel emotions you don’t understand; they’re meant to be felt, let them hit you, wash over you, flow away. It’s ok to have bad days and be negative and focus on the bad and cry sometimes, even its only to just let it all out, because it doesn’t define you or your life, you’re only human and its just an event that will always eventually pass, until you feel life once again flow through you.This is what my life is all about.

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