Personal Credo

After reading a friends personal credo, I decided to write one myself. It’s not a typical credo, but I’ve changed it around a bit just because I can=). First and most importantly of all, I have an open-mind, a big heart, & undying faith in God; anything and everything good in me is through Him. I am a free-spirit, and this is my personal credo.

I believe in living a balanced life. It’s important to have faith, in yourself, in God, in others, and with this faith, you will find the strength to get through any difficulties in your material life, whether it be from school, work, internal struggles, or personal relationships. I believe that even when people hurt you and things do not go as planned, struggle is an inevitable part of life, but true and real happiness is intrinsic, and can be found through faith. It’s important to remember the big picture and the shortness of this life, and live life a day at a time instead of stressing over the small stuff. I am very optimistic and grateful and believe laughter and a sense of humor are very important in order to live a life of peace and contentment.

I value education and service. It is important to be real, open-minded, and understanding of others, and to live your life with compassion for and kindness towards each and every person you come across. I do not believe in making judgments, gossip, or superficiality; I strongly believe in freedom and equality for all. I love trying new things, meeting new people, and living in each moment fully. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and AΞΔ sisters; I am always open and compassionate and try to love and help others as much and as often as I possibly can. I forgive easily, trust with caution, and love openly, always.

Last but not least, I believe in being yourself, the best self you can be, with confidence in yourself and your beliefs. I am interested in music, psychology, health and fitness, and traveling. I enjoy keeping up with current events and good entertainment, books, abstract art, and basketball. I believe true beauty comes from the inside and reflects on the outside. I’m a bit eccentric & tend to be pretty crazy at times, but I know who I am and what I want. As of right now, I am very content and in the future, I would like to continue to live a balanced life, become a nurse, start a family of my own, and continue to expand my horizons and make a difference in the lives of others.


I try to make the most of my life and am very passionate and committed to everything I do. Do everything with your whole heart, nothing less. I am confident in myself and believe that anything is possible wit hard work and dedication. I have an optimistic outlook on life and a positive attitude about almost everything. I try to make the best of seemingly bad situations; I believe I have a good sense of humor and am able to laugh at myself and my mistakes, and then work towards fixing them. I believe it is more important to live in the moment, one day at a time, and look forward instead of complaining about what has already happened. I am very down-to-earth and easy to approach; I am very easy going and make friends pretty easily. I like talking to different types of people with different personalities, and I like to be unique and stand out.

In my opinion, cooperating, following the rules, and meeting deadlines is very important, but sometimes it is best to use your own judgment and do what you feel is right; never blindly follow the rules. You must always, always do what you think is right without caring what other people think. It is always better to be hated for doing the right thing and standing up for who you are than to be loved for who you are not because that’s what really and truly makes you a strong person, doing the right thing even when its the hardest thing. I love to be unique and stand out and that is something I am very proud of. I am dependable, trustworthy, and both a good listener and a good conversationalist.

Although I am very relaxed and laid back, I know how to get serious when I have a goal that I am working towards. I try to make the most of my life and am very passionate and committed to everything that I do. I love to try new things and speak my mind most of the time. I believe it matters more what you think about yourself than what others think about you and that it is important to always “be yourself”. I am very open minded & open to everyone’s ideas and opinions, but I believe in the end, it is my life and ultimately, my decision that matters the most. I love to be different and stand out, not only physically, but also in my beliefs and actions. I do not think it is always a bad thing to quit; life is too short, and you could be spending your time doing what you really love.

I like music and performing arts, and I love to read, write, and think philosophically, and view everything with an open mind. I think music is the best art form and it’s what helps me get through life. I love helping other people and I am compassionate and warm-hearted towards almost everyone; there are very few people that I dislike. The best feelings come from performing for an audience, making a difference in someones life, and above all, love; by this I mean not only what comes to mind when one thinks of true love, but also a love for people around you, love for strangers, a love for mankind. I believe these concepts are essential in one’s lifelong search/quest for happiness. I believe the most important things in life are faith, a love for family and friends, education and working towards making the world a better place, and helping and teaching others to grow and later make the world a better place.

Most of all, I believe it is important to do what YOU want to do, and make your life worth living with no regrets, because everything I’ve been through is what has made me into the person I am today. I am very grateful for everything I have and believe myself to be lucky to be so fortunate and live in a country of freedom and love, a place where it is possible to do anything if you put your mind to it. I am a dedicated and hard-working student who considers education to be immensely important; I am passionate about helping others and determined to make a difference in the world, values that I have learned over time. I generally have a positive attitude, and love to be around people. I have strong opinions, but am very open-minded to the ideas and opinions of others.

Above all this, I believe in God. I am a Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim, and firmly believe that this is not only a religion, but a way of life; I believe in living a balanced life, open-mindedness and education, and loving and serving others as much and as often as you possible can.


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