Strasbourg, France

I should’ve started writing when I got here, and I kind of did, but that was in a private journal until I realized I might as well keep track of everything on here instead..especially since everyone keeps asking me to tell them about everything that happens here, in detail. I was a bit homesick when I first arrived here in Strasbourg, but I adapted to the Chateau and surroundings and wonderful people here very quickly.

..Life in France is amazing! I love my classes even though they’re electives for me and have nothing to do with music or psychology. However, each class is only once a week and I only have 4 classes, so since they’re not that often, so I have alot of free time! I have been REALLY healthy here because we walk everywhere and have to get our own food and I spend a lot of time eating healthy and working out, so that keeps me busy and keeps me from being homesick. I’m here with 12 other students from GSU that live at the castle with me, and we’re already so close; my trip would not be even half as amazing without them! There are also 9 Canadians living with us, and I’m glad that for the most part, we all get along.

We do go out and party a lot, but we also go to alot of excursions and museums; we’ve been to some history museums and the court of human rights and the European council and parliament, and even beer tasting and wine and cheese tasting tours. I’ve been shopping a bit too, but things are expensive here because they’re in Euros instead of dollars, but it’s fun to just walk around downtown and see protests and performances and eat food from stands on the street-its a new culture and new experience and I love it! Everyday is different, and I love that.

Last weekend we went to Germany to see a Mercedes museum and later we’ll see concentration camps (sad!). During winter break, we’re going to Brussels, Belgium, and Luxembourg, and then to Amsterdam and Paris, all during the first week of march! We’re also going to the south of france which I hear is beautiful and known for its scenery and beaches, even though it’s kind of cold here! During April and our 2 week long spring break, we’re going to Istanbul(turkey), Rome and Venice (italy), Madrid, Barcelona, and Ibiza Island (spain), and Athens and the Greek Isles in Greece!!

I’ve also met a lot of new people, both international students (there are about a 100 students from all around the world, and an organization called BDI which has parties every Thursday night for all international students), and French students that live here. I even got a French buddy assigned from the school who helps me out and I’ve met a lot of other people when we go out, too-I love it!

Since I’ve been here, I’ve learned SO MANY THINGS ABOUT LIFE IN GENERAL and I feel like my mind is completely expanded and I just feel more independant surviving on my own so I’m really proud of myself. I really love learning about everything and trying new things and going to new places!! I love my life of comfort back home, but I am happy to be stepping outside my comfort zone and experiencing a new kind of life. I am so excited to be traveling through Europe and I’ll make sure to take pictures of everything and get everyone souvenirs and write all about it more often!

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