Lazy Days & Music

This started off as a pretty good day; I had a healthy breakfast and class wasn’t too bad. But ever since I got back, I’ve been in the student lounge watching music videos, my absolute most favorite art form. I am ecstatic to have finally found an American music channel here, and I am obsessed. I love finding new music and I could and would gladly do it all day if I had no other obligations in life. I’ve been down here for hours, and I have had a relaxing day, for the most part; however, I am ready to go out tonight to a BDI party with the theme, “American Dream”. I only wish I didn’t have to go to French class tomorrow! Here’s a link to the song, “Hurricane” by 30 Seconds to Mars-the original version with Kanye West came out quite a while ago, but this version is more like a movie and although it’s a bit confusing, it’s more artistic and enjoyable to watch.

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