I try really hard to live my life with love and compassion for everyone. But today, someone broke into my car, completely smashed my windshield, and stole my CD’s, iPod, and speakers. I’m shocked and horrified that someone could do that, right here in GSU’s Turner Field, and that the police on duty obviously weren’t doing their job. I’m angry that this person has no idea how they’ve affected me. Obviously, I’m also scared that something like this could happen again, or worse. Was that person really so desperate for an iPod? Out of the thousands of cars, why mine? I don’t know what I did to deserve this but I hope that whoever did it realizes how much this affects me and gets what they deserve. I also sincerely hope that they one day grow a brain, and a heart.

Oh, and I hope that every time that person sees my name printed on the back of my iPod, it haunts them endlessly.

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