Life Update 2022

Born into immigrant family in Pakistan, life started out with its challenges with poverty and fitting in. 

But I was a happy kid, growing up in Dallas with my parents and little sister.

When my dad passed away, I moved to Atlanta at the age of 13 with my mother and sister. 

But I loved my high school and college years with friends that became like family. 

When I got married and moved to Houston, I thought it would be a fresh start. 

But my marriage was abusive and led to divorce the same year my sister passed away. I lost my job and my home and was alone in a new city with nothing and no one.

At rock bottom, I found the light of God fill me with an indescribable peace and the rest is His story. 

Right before my 30th birthday I fell in love. I’m now happily married with our sweet daughter, living a life of purpose, and loving life in our new home in Sugar Land. 

Every morning I wake up and take care of my mind and body, fueled by faith in God. I spend my days taking care of my daughter which is my ultimate purpose, and loving my family and friends, helping my patients at work, teaching my students in my community, and inspiring strangers on the internet and sharing my light with everyone I come across in hopes of leaving the world better than before I arrived. And every evening I balance this purposeful productivity with having fun and enjoying the journey and not taking anything too seriously. 

With everything I’ve been through, I am so at peace with faith and life, happy and healthy and loved, stronger and positive and trusting God, one day at a time, flowing fully in each moment. 

I’ve seen the lowest lows and the highest highs- One minute you’re barely standing and the next moment you’re dancing- but everything is always okay and I’m thankful for it all. 

I don’t know where life will take me next, but I know who I am and what really matters and I give it all to God, and I am His free spirit. 

Pray greatly 

Speak boldly 

Believe truly 

Laugh daily

Dance freely

Travel lightly 

Nourish wholly 

Rest peacefully

Act justly 

Learn openly 

Dream beautifully

Serve humbly 

Give selflessly 

Love deeply 

Create wildly

Play curiously 

Be present fully 

Live simply 

& never take anything 

too seriously 

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