Being Remembered: In The End

As human beings, it is our nature to wish to establish a worldly identity for ourselves during our short time on Earth. 

It is our nature to want to be known for something and leave a mark in the world. To create a footprint that lasts long after we are gone. 

Many of us chase after this dream, not realizing how temporary even that footprint can be.

As human beings, it is also our nature to remember others based on their surface-level characteristics rather than the true qualities they possess.

I, too, wish to be remembered.

Not by the things I cannot control.

Not by the physical qualities I was born with, the country I was born in, or the ethnic background stemming from my roots.

The Pakistani girl.”

Not for my height or skin color or natural physical imperfections.

The short brown girl.”

And not by the things that have happened to me. Not for the things I have been through, nor for the actions of those around me.

“The one who ended a marriage after losing her sister.”

But for the things I created myself.

For my personality and the qualities I possess as a result of my mindset, my life experiences, and my upbringing.

“The unique, charismatic, light and witty free-spirit.”

For my mind and heart and beliefs.

“The open-minded, kind-hearted, woman of God.

For my relationships and the connections I have built and grown.

The loving wife, daughter, sister, friend, and volunteer, lover of love.

For my work and my purpose and my dreams…and the legacy I hope to leave behind with Spirit Life.

The spiritually-driven, inspirational, holistic wellness and balanced lifestyle blogger/coach.”

But the truth is, only a few of the connections you make with people during your lifetime will know the complete truth about you. 

Everyone else will label you exactly as they have experienced you, in whatever capacity fits the story within their perception of reality.

They will forget what you said, what you did, and most of what makes you, you

One day, even the legacy you create will be forgotten as the world continues to always move forward. And in the end, the only thing people will remember about you is the general feeling they experienced when they were around you.

We all wish to be remembered in a positive way and not judged by mistakes we have made or things we cannot control.

Yet each of us has judged and been judged, made mistakes, and led imperfect lives; that is all part of being human.

But being human is temporary and always comes to an end.

So you can (and are highly encouraged to) relentlessly pursue your dreams, to live up to the best version of yourself, and to create the legacy you want to be remembered by.

But never let the pursuit of being remembered keep you from enjoying the journey and loving the life you co-create with the God of the Universe, the life you know you were always meant for.

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