Minimalist Gift Guide

As a self-proclaimed minimalist, I am not much for shopping and adding to the chaos of an already cluttered society. In fact, even when it comes to giving and receiving presents, I prefer experiences to be remembered over objects to be forgotten. But I do believe that in order for me to live a more simple and intentional life, organization and productivity are key.

The lighthearted free-spirit in me also can’t help but give in to a few noteworthy items that truly add value to my life; after all, I am only human and life is meant to be enjoyed! That being said, I’ve put together a quick little guide of my top minimalist gift options for those who, like me, want to use holiday shopping as a time to enhance their current lifestyle and help others do the same.

  1. Experiences:
    Create memories instead of clutter by choosing an exciting gift such as tickets to events or concerts, or reservations for fun travels to popular tourist destinations or relaxing weekend getaways. For adventure lovers, you can even try something like sky-diving passes. When it comes to my personal preference, you can never go wrong with a relaxing all-inclusive spa day!
  2. Education:
    Learning doesn’t always have to mean sitting at a desk and studying all day. You could purchase educational classes and books if you are certain about a specific topic, but there are tons of individual and group classes available to learn new skills while having fun! A few ideas include salsa dancing, introductory painting, or couples cooking classes.
  3. Electronics:
    Even minimalists like to stay up to date with the latest technology, so something like a good pair of earpods or a new iPhone in which to store everything online would be appreciated by many. For more affordable options, e-books or audio books, music collections, online subscriptions or memberships are a great alternative! (If purchasing gym memberships, be careful as to not offend the recipient ;)).
  4. Usables:
    For those who love to enjoy decor, scents or items that are more tangible, a good option is to look for things that are temporary and can be used up. Good examples of these are simple soaps and bath collections, candles of a particular scent, recyclable items and zero-waste kits, or even environment-friendly decor options such as a nice house plant.
  5. Lifestyle gifts:
    This can range anywhere from practical items for daily use to a few material belongings that just add ease and joy to someone’s life. After all, minimalism is not about having the least amount of stuff, but about keeping only the items that serve some sort of purpose or bring value to your life. These can include organization and productivity kits or gifts that add quality to hobbies that are just for fun
    (like this fold-able backpack and electronics organizer for travelers)!

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