Crusing to Cozumel

I just returned from yet another weekend that was much too amazing for any amount of words to do it justice because if you’ve ever been on a cruise, then this post won’t require much effort on my end. If you have not, then I’ll just say that regardless of which cruise line you choose to travel with, they are always jam packed with entertainment and activity options both on and off the ship at the ports.

My mother and I chose to go with the Carnival Cruise line from Galveston, Texas to Cozumel, Mexico, with my uncle and his wife, and what was so special about this trip was that it was the first time any of them had ever been on a cruise. I’ve only been on a couple of cruises in my life- once with my best friends and once with my partner at the time- but experiencing this with family was an entirely new experience, even for me.

Although the process of getting checked in was a bit longer than we expected, and we did not partake in the scuba diving excursions, we did enjoy our time on the ship as well as exploring the port and the city of Cozumel.

Our days started off early to catch the best from the breakfast buffet, where they offered nearly every possible breakfast food I can imagine. The rest of our time was packed with engaging afternoon activities, and included plenty of time for rest before the live shows that took place each night after dinner.


During our short time at the port in Cozumel, we embraced the opportunity to take a cab into the city and shop and explore the busy streets closer to the city. My mom and I also walked all the way down the main street and enjoyed some ice cream at a hut with breathtaking views of the turquoise ocean waters before heading back to meet up with my aunt and uncle.


I particularly enjoyed the health and nutrition seminars which pushed me to complete my own nutrition certification, as well as the luxurious massage services at the spa. We also spent plenty of time relaxing on the deck under the warmth of the sun with amazing people, food and music- truly a time without a care in the world as we made the most of the simple joys of the present moment.


Pictures speak louder than words, so below are a few more of my favorite memories from this unforgettable cruise of a lifetime.











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