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If you know me well, you know there are certain beliefs I have developed over the course of my life that do not falter; among these, are: each person has the peace and power of the Universe within themselves, everything in the world is a vibrational energy that works with you, and that happiness is in your control via the thoughts and actions you take in your daily life- based on what is important to you. With these in mind, I’ve decided to share my (ideal) daily routine and habits that I use along with the law of attraction, to reach my goals. Like anyone else, I have failed many times, but the important thing is to get back up and live in the present moment as you work on creating your dream life. By no means do I ever strive for perfection, since struggles and negativity are a part of being alive, but here are a few of the long-term life goals I am constantly working towards and what I strive to do daily to attain them.

Inner joy is a top priority to me in life, and I am sure that most people, even those who are not conscious of it, can relate. An important daily habit for this goal is a morning ritual to take some time to reflect and start your day off right. Every morning when I wake up, I smile as I brush my teeth and think of my dreams, and then sit down to reflect. I pray for what I want via visualization and manifestation, express gratitude for three new things, and practice self-love as I recite affirmations before going into a meditation. Some days, I’ll publish a blog later in the day, but most days I try to write in my journal to sort my thoughts. This morning routine helps me to feel peaceful, energized, and connected with the world around me as I begin my day- and it only takes less than half an hour.

To be physically healthy and confident in my natural state has been one of my top aims for as far back as I can remember. I try to regularly have a healthy breakfast consisting of fruits, vegetables and/or protein, along with my multivitamin and green tea blend. If I am going to the gym, which I am most days of the week, I focus on a specific muscle group, alternate with yoga or a workout class, and end with cardio before stretching out my muscles in the sauna (on these days, I have protein after my workout). In the sauna, I try to get in my stretches and some kind of inspirational meditation or talk. Afterwards, I try to use natural products in the shower, and drink adequate water to give me the right energy to carry out the rest of my day.

After taking care of myself inside and out each morning, I make sure that whatever I am doing that day is in alignment with my purpose of making the world a better place. Sometimes, that can be going to work and taking care of my patients. Other days, it’s running errands or completing household tasks for the benefit of my family. And some days, it’s simply taking the time to compliment a stranger or meet a friend for lunch and not feeling guilty if the day’s events do not correlate with the expectations of others. Even when you are working, at a job or at home, love is ultimately at the center of it all. This is, like many of my other habits, more of a lifestyle than a goal.

Working hard and playing hard are equally important to me, so I try to go about each day doing both- and also having a great time, while I’m at it. Life is short and it is full of problems for everyone, but it is so vital to engage in hobbies that make you feel good, to laugh at yourself and certain situations, to embrace the positivity and beauty in the world around you. Every evening, I attempt to leave at least a little bit of time to do something I enjoy- whether it be a good book, new music, or a walk outside. Sometimes, in the chaos of this world, this doesn’t seem possible- on those days, I plan something to look forward to on the weekend: Friday nights with prayer and family, Productive Saturdays, exciting Saturday night adventures, or my Sweet Sundays.

From all of my life goals, this has been the single most difficult one for me to attain. I understand that life is so unbelievably short and that what is within us and beyond us is so much more, so I try to let go of the negativity that is out of my control and focus on the positive on the few things that matter most. As long as I am trying my best, I know the Universe will take care of the rest- but I am only human. Of course I want to hand it all over to God and always be a positive light, but the truth is that total presence is difficult and requires practice. So, as I do in the mornings with meditation, I also practice mindfulness each evening as I go through my bedtime routine; i.e. I actively try to be fully present as I brush my teeth, wash my face, and get ready to end the day.

There are many other short-term goals that I am working on each day, and a lifestyle routine which leaves adequate time for relaxing reflection, self-love, and new experiences is vital to live fully and simply, with meaning and purpose in each moment. Strongly carrying the knowledge that anything is possible if you work at it consistently, I know I have it in me to attain whatever I wish, even if it involves letting go and changing my outlook. The same is true for everyone out there reading this- you are powerful enough to do anything you want if you set your mind to it- and please never let anyone tell you otherwise.

***Current Inspiration: Leeor Alexander @ Living Lovelee on Youtube!***

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