Weekend Of Love

This past weekend, my fiance Rehan came to visit, and all the problems of the world seemed to be put on pause for a few days of pure joy. After arriving late Thursday night, I picked him up from the airport and we had a midnight dinner at home with family. Friday was spent with my mom, and Friday night Rehan and I were beach artists at Painting with a Twist. Saturday was spent with my mom and sister, watching “Finding Dory” and eating greek-indian food before heading to one of my best friend’s engagement parties. It was so nice to have my family, fiance, and both of our best friends all celebrating a happy event together- I even came across a few good friends from high school who I haven’t seen in years! Saturday night after the party, Rehan and I headed to Anatolia’s for an after-party with just our best friends; who wants to sleep when there’s only one more day left together, right? Sunday was probably the most relaxing day I have had in a while, at an all-day barbecue party at his best friends house. Our last day was spent eating good food with great friends, catching a rainbow under the sun, and watching movies and playing games late into the night (not to mention the non-stop entertainment by our youngest 3-year old party member with endless games of balloon-catch and hide-n-seek)! With everything going on in my life and the lives of those around me, this was a much-needed perfect vacation weekend of love, laughter, and living in the moment without a care in the world. 

P.S- Khusyali Mubarak to all Ismaili Muslims who are celebrating Imamat Day!

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